Ciglione is a hamlet of Ponzone Municipality at Alessandria Province (Piedmont Region of Italy). Surrounded by a wonderful view facing the Alps, with its beautiful forests that smell of mushrooms and truffles. It offers the possibility to have beautiful excursions, having stops in cozy huts, inside a beautiful natural scenery: mountains, valleys, forests, meadows, streams and villages. They seem cribs – a magical universe – green and lush in the summer, white during winter and rich of colors and several scents in each season. It is in such a charming nature that lies Ponzone, the most extended and the highest (693 m.) municipality of the Mountain Community of the Monferrato, dominating the “Acquese Valleys”. Monferrato is a region that recently has been included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Ciglione, is a nice village where, besides its natural beauty, it is possible to appreciate, St. Colombano Oratory of Romanesque origin, whose construction of architecture simple and essential, dates back to 703 AD and also the Parish of St. Bernard, a jewel of the Piedmont Baroque, whose construction – mainly made of local stone mixed with bricks – is from 1700. Decorated with frescoes, representing the four cardinal virtues, the four Evangelists, the Trinity, the Last Supper and the Nativity, performed by the painter Pietro Ivaldi dubbed “il Muto” (the dumb) as his last work.

Pietro Ivaldi


The painter Pietro Ivaldi known as “Il Muto” (1810-1885) – of whom you can admire the frescoes in the churches of Ponzone and in the most beautiful churches in the southern Piedmont – was born in Toleto, a small village of Ponzone municipality, from where he left to go to Asti, then to Turin, and later to Rome. At the last, he went back to his homeland when he developed the painting techniques learned from the masters of the Albertina Academy and refined by the vision of the great Roman frescoes.